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Nerds 2 You wins Homestars Best of Edmonton 2015 & 2016

EDMONTON, February 16, 2016:
Nerds2You is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with a HomeStars Best of 2016 Award celebrating its commitment to quality work and service. The awards event took place in Edmonton as well as four other major cities across Canada. "To be recognized with a HomeStars Best of Award is a great accomplishment and we are proud of this honour," says Claudio Cividino, Nerds2You. "We always strive to improve our service and hope to win this award again in the years to come."

Best of Award winners are the top performers on the HomeStars, ranging from independent contractors to larger retailers. Winners are selected using several criteria including homeowner reviews as well as their responsiveness to homeowners.

"To win one of these awards is really a testament to a contractor's quality of work," says Nancy Peterson, Founder and CEO of HomeStars. "We like to think of them as our own People's Choice Awards since they are based on the reviews written by homeowners."

About Nerds 2 You

Nerds 2 You is the fastest way to have your computer issues resolved in the Edmonton area. We come to your location and get the work done usually on the first visit, either same day or within 2 business days. See Nerds2You's HomeStars Profile for more information.

About HomeStars

HomeStars is a free service helping homeowners find reputable renovators, repairmen and retailers through its database of 2 million companies and hundreds of thousands of reviews. Homeowners write reviews based on their home improvement experiences - both good and bad - helping build a collective knowledge base that is invaluable in helping homeowners make better hiring decisions. A trusted resource since 2006, HomeStars has grown to be the leading online community of homeowners and home improvement companies in Canada. To learn more, visit https://www.homestars.com or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

Nerds 2 You wins Homestars Best of Edmonton 2014

TORONTO, March 23, 2015: Nerds 2 You is pleased to announce it has been named one of  HomeStars Best of Edmonton 2014.  The Edmonton awards took place at the Royal Mayfair Golf Glub, with local award ceremonies happening in six other markets across Canada.

“To be recognized with a Best of Award is a great accomplishment and we are so proud of this honour,” says Claudio Cividino, Owner, Nerds 2 You. “We continually strive to improve and hope this is an award we can continue to win in years to come.”

Best of Award winners are selected from a variety of criteria including homeowner reviews and ratings. Winners are determined based on HomeStars’ proprietary Best of Award Reputation Rank algorithm, which uses more than 15 different factors, each uniquely weighted.

“To win one of these awards is really a testament to a company or contractor’s quality of work,” says Nancy Peterson, founder and CEO, HomeStars. “We like to think of them as our People’s Choice Awards as they wouldn’t be possible without the feedback of homeowners.”

SCAM ALERT! Avoid this common computer scam!

Don't let this happen to you! I often get calls from clients in a panic because they fell for a scam that has been around for quite a few years. This scam will not only cost you money but could potentially comprimise your credit card or other personal information.

The scam begins on a phishing trip. No, not one that involves a lake some hooks and patience but it is similar. Phishing is when a scammer throws a scam out there many times until someone falls for it or "bites" then they reel them in on the scam.

The scam starts with a phone call. The person is very convincing and may even tell you they are from Microsoft (they are not) or that they are a Microsoft certified partner. Scammers know that many people are frustrated with their computers and just call numbers randomly until they find someone who believes that someone is truly monitoring their computer and has found a problem with it. They will ask you to go to your computer because they have detected the your computer is doing unusual things, infected with a virus or running really slowly. They will have you click on things that you don't understand and explain that its bad and they need to fix it. If you agree to this they will tell you there is a fee and will ask for your credit card information and then will ask for remote access to your computer. While they are conected to your computer they may or may not fix anything. I've never actually whitnessed it happening so I'm not sure exactly what goes on.

The scammers seem really convincing, they even put up a very simple website with the name of the company they claim to represent and an address and phone number which is usually fake. If you do a google search for the address it usually comes up as not found or to another business.

No one will ever call you to tell you that something is wrong with your computer!

No one is monitoring your computer on your behalf, especially not Microsoft, there are hundreds of millions of computers connected to the internet, they dont have the time to call you, they expect you to call them if you are having a problem.

There is one exeption to the above statement and that is when your Internet Service Provider (the company you pay every month for internet access) such as Shaw, Telus , Bell etc may alert you to an issue. They may detect that there is an unusual amount of internet traffic or email coming from your household. If your ISP contacts you they will tell you to contact a quallified tecnician to take care of the issue, they will NOT offer to fix your computer for you.

I have heard of people paying as much as $400 to these scammers for a "lifetime" subscription to their services. Chances are that after a few weeks the phone number that they gave you will no longer work, if it ever works at all. Everyone I have every talked to about this has paid more to the scammers than I charge for a full clean up of their computer in person at their home or business.

Every panicked client that I have ever visited after they realised that they have just been scammed still had multiple probklems with spyware, adware and scareware on their commputers. Perhaps the scammers are looking through the computer for personal information, photos or videos or just planting some software to steal your passwords as you type them into websites.

Never trust anyone who calls you to tell you that they want to fix your computer remotely unless you contacted them first. If you have been scammed and you gave them your credit card information then call your credit card issuer immediately. Call Nerds 2 You next to have your computer checked out for potential software left behind that might let them back into your computer or possibly steal your personal information.

Stop Spreading the B.S.

Are you making this important internet mistake? Read the article to save 20% at Nerds 2 You. February 27, 2014 Are you one of the many people making this error on the internet? Read on to find out!

Stop spreading the BS!!! Everyone please do a little research before you re-post crap and hoaxes anywhere on the internet, this includes socal sites, blogs and forwarding BS emails. If it sounds too far fetched to be true, it probably isn't!

The internet is the largest easiest to use source of information that has ever existed, if you can post and share BS to the internet you can research something before you post it.

I am seeing a bunch of posts about KFC not using real chickens anymore and says that they are no longer allowed to use the word chicken anymore. WTF????? Do you really think that KFC would be allowed to use some sort of mutant creature with extra legs and no beaks and serve it to the general public AND it took 23 years for the public to figure it out? Take a look at the KFC website, they use the word chicken to describe their products, its everywhere on their website! They changed the name to KFC because the state of Kentuky wanted to charge KFC to use the name (they trademarked it) and the word "fried" doesn't sound healthy.

There is so much stuff like this that is being spread around and goes viral and it makes the internet a less trustworthy place. It's super easy to search Google or whatever your favorite search engine is and verify a story before spreading it around.

If you don't spread the BS stories they will just be some post on a website that hardly anyone will ever see and it will go largely ignored. Every time you share, post or forward something like "bill gates will give $5 to the homeless every time you share this" then you are contributing to an internet that is less enjoyable.

If you are going to spread the word about something, do it about something positive! Try sharing your experiences and posts of local businesses. Local business needs your exposure more than "chicken nuggets are made from beaks and feet" because they aren't and you are just spreading untrue rumors. Share posts of small businesses you used, write a review, do something useful!!!

Do you have friends or family that own a small business? Do you regularly "like" share and forward their posts on social media? Why not? It's very difficult to get a large following on social media without paying for it unless your existing friends and followers share your posts. Sharing a post to your time line lets their friends see the posts and cause likes and follows from an audience that they normally wouldn't reach!

What Makes My Computer Slow? Part 4

So far I have covered a number of things that make your computer slow, if you haven't read the first 3 parts of this article you can start at part 1. Today I want to discuss common myths that my clients often think is the cause of their slow computer but are simply just not true, these are the things I run into most often when I get a call about a slow computer.

The speed of your internet connection

I often hear from a client that their computer is really slow even though they pay for "high speed internet" The speed of your internet connection does not alter the speed of your actual computer. Your computer can still run even if it's not plugged into the internet. You will find that your computer will still turn on and function even without "the internet" The speed of your internet connection can only affect the activities you do on the iweb such as browsing, email and transfering files to or from the internet. Everything else is done your your computer internally and can still be done even if you unplug from your network connection. Slow computer and slow internet are 2 differrent issues. If you are finding that your computer is perfectly fast and usable but is slow ONLY during internet activities then your connection speed might be the issue or it could be something else.

Too many items on the desktop

I hear this one a lot. The amout of items on your desktop cannot affect the speed of your computer, the items are just sitting there taking up space, they weigh nothing and do nothing at all until you interact with them by clicking on them. Your computer does not get faster or slower based on the location that you store things on your internal hard drive, it operates the same way regardless of where you choose to keep your files, folders and documents.

I have a lot of programs installed

The amount of programs you have installed does not generally slow your computer down unless it's stuff that automatically runs when your computer starts. Most programs that run automatically can be found running in the bottom right corner of the screen in the system tray. Most programs only start up if you ask them to.

Ex. Microsoft Word starts up when you want to open a document.

Programs or "apps" don't take up too much space compared to media files like music, videos email and pictures. A few programs like MS office use large amount of space but most programs are hundreds of times smaller than Microsoft Office. i find that generally your media files are taking up far more space than the applications you have installed. Your computer can be slow if you open and run multiple programs at once and keep them all open, this issue can be resolved either by closing programs or adding RAM if you need all those programs to be running all the time. If you have too many programs in your system tray on the bottom right corner then Nerds 2 You can help you sort through the problem.

I think there is too much stuff on my hard drive

This is rarely a problem. The only time this can actually affect your computer is if the drive is so full (over 95%) that it affects how the computer runs. It's easy to tell how full your hard drive is, when you go to "my computer" to see a list of your drives it usually shows a horizontal bar graph showing how full your drive is. THe bar graph turns from blue to red when the drive is low on space at wich time it's time to start getting rid of personal files, documents, videos, movies, pictures etc to clear up space. Deleting programs will NOT clear up a siginificant amount of space and could result in causing probems if you remove programs that are necessary for your computer to run properly. If you are not absolutely sure how to clear up space give Nerds 2 You a call so you don't cause damage. I have had several clients call me to fix issues that were caused by improper clean up.

If your computer is slow it is far more likely that is being caused by some of the issues that I mentioned in the first 3 parts of this series. Some of the problems on this page can potentially affect your computer in extremely rare circumstances but it typically will not. In 5 years of running Nerds 2 You I have only had 1 client have an issue caused by a full hard drive. If you aren't sure about what is causing the computer to be slow give Nerds 2 You a call before any real damage can occur.

What Makes My Computer Slow? Part 3

Hardware Problems

This is part 3 of my series on what can make your computer slow. In this part I will discuss hardware issues and how they can slow your computer down. The hardware in your computer is the physical elextronic parts, all the parts that together make a computer.

main board or motherboard

hard disk drive (HDD)

video or graphics card

RAM or memory

network interface (NIC) either wired or wireless


The motherboard is the main electronic board in your computer that everything else connects to. Motherboard issues can slow your computer down if a component on the board is defective, a main board can have a defect that will cause it to not read RAM or the hard drive or even the main processor properly.

Hard Drive

The hard drive in your comptuer is the storage unit for all of your software and personal data, it holds absolutley everything. A hard drive that is starting to fail can slow your computer to a crawl, cause it to randomly freeze or even shut down randomly. Your computer needs to constantly access the hard drive to run properly and if it can't read the drive properly then it will delay everything your computer is trying to do. If your computer is extremely slow you should turn your computer off and contact a technician immediately. A failing hard drive can lead to permanent data loss if you don't immediately stop using your computer to prevent further damage.


Random Access Memory is the temporary storage in your computer, it gets erased every time your turn your computer off. A modern computer needs a lot of information that it can accerss quickly, especially the stuff that it uses most often. While your computer is starting up it puts data into this temporary RAM.

RAM is hundreds of times faster than your hard drive at serving up data so your computer will always look there first before trying to access the more permanent data on the hard drive. If the RAM in your computer is not working properly it will cause a bottleneck in the process and make the computer slow down or freeze up completely. Your computer can also be slow if the RAM is working perfectly but there isn't enough of it. Your computer will start to access the much slower hard drive once RAM becomes full and cause everything you are doing to be slower until it can find a way to clear up some space in RAM. Adding more RAM is one of the most economical ways to add a few years of life to your computer, ask Nerds 2 You how.

Video Card

The video or graphics card is responsible for displaying the images on your screen. A video card usually onlyl affects your system if you are doing activities such as gaming, video editing or AutoCAD and other graphic intensive computing. Video cards rarely affect general everyday computing such as web surfing and checking email. Updating to a newer more powerful video card will only solve issues specific to highly graphic intensive situations.

How do I fix hardware issues?

The only way to fix hardware issues is to replace the defective parts that are causing the problems. Replacement of defective hardware can also mean upgrading to newer faster components in certain situaltions, repair your computer and make it faster than it was when it was new at the same time.

Nerds 2 You does a full hardware test on every service call about slow computers to first determine if a possible hardware failure is causing the computer to be slow. If a hardware issue is detected then a course of action and estimate is given before proceeding to any further problems with the computer. There is no point in removing a virus or spyware on a defective hard drive since it needs to be replaced anyway.

Nerds 2 You can diagnose and replace any parts that are causing your computer to be slow or not work at all.

What Makes My Computer Slow? Part 2

Viruses and Spyware:

"This is one of the biggest issues I run into with my clients. The most common types of programs I see are ones that promise to make your computer faster and can repair your problems instantly, these programs are mostly known as "scareware". Installation of these "free downloads" will actually make your computer slower in many cases since they will be running in the background doing absolutly nothing to fix your computer until you pay them and even then you may not get the results you desire. There are also a lot of programs designed to make your computer "pretty" like smiley faces, free screen savers, facebook enhancements, sound themes etc. Most programs like these appeal to your vanity so look attractive to install but generally include spyware or adware, that's how the programmers get paid to develop these "enhancements" to windows.

A virus is a little different from spyware and adware. A virus will cause damage to your computer and attempt to spread itself to other computers much like a virus in humans. Computer viruses spread either via your network (internal or internet worm) or more commonly now via email. Certain viruses will access your email program, gather your contact list as well as your own email address and then send itself to everyone you know. A virus won't always slow your computer down but can do damage such as locking you out of your computer ( RCMP CSIS Ukash virus) can appear to erase all your files can actually erase all your files in the case of the most dangerous and recent it can encrypt all the files on your hard drive so they can't be used without a secret encryption key.

An experienced technician has the tools, knowledge and experience to remove the virus AND repair the damage caused by the virus. Virus removal alone is not effective unless it's caught before the damage has occured.

There is no substitute for a good technician when it comes to making your computer faster, especially when it comes to spyware and viruses. An experienced technician has the knowledge to know which apps are beneficial and which are harmful and can clean your computer up properly and get it running the way it should.

Call Nerds 2 You in Edmonton at 780-970-7220 to have viruses, spyware, scareware and more removed from your computer. Get it done quickly and easily from the comfort of your office or home.

Why in home or in office service for my computer?

There are a lot of options in Edmonton to get your computer repaired so why should you choose on site service?

It's faster. When you go with on site service you have a set appointment time so you know when you are going to get your computer fixed. Your computer will not sit in someone's shop waiting for days or possibly weeks for them to take a first look at it.

You don't have to go anywhere.

On site service means never having to leave your home or office to get it done. If your computer is critical to your day to day work and you don't have time to go out and get if fixed, have Nerds 2 You come to you! Maybe you can't leave your home because of transportation issues or it's just difficult for you to get around the city, on site service makes sense for you.

It's an issue that can't be taken care of off site.

Certain issues are best dealt with at your home or place of business. Wireless network or internet issues cannot be dealt with at a store, they must be dealt with at the location where it will be used. Your wireless issues need to be resolved where they are happening, not at some other location. Wireless printers need to be set up to work in your home or office, not at a repair facility.

Personalized one on one service

You will be dealing directly with the service tech and can ask questions and get full personal attention to all your issues.

What Makes My Computer Slow? Part 1

One of the most comomon issues I run into with clients is a computer that is running very slowly and I get asked why that happens. There is no easy answer to that question, there are multiple things that could cause a computer to run slowly and a few things that don't affect the speed of your computer at all. I will attempt to cover as many issues as I can think of, if you know of any others please let us know in the comments below.

There is a lot to cover so I am going to post 1 issue or myth about slow computers each day for the next few days.

Your computer is old:

This is a bit of a misconception. It's true that a 5 year old computer will not be able to keep up with the newest games or be able to do AutoCAD or very inttensive programs but it still may be good for general computing such as internet surfing, checking email, writing documents and storing and looking at your photos.

If your computer is old there may be some simple solutions such as adding RAM that can add a few years of life to your computer. Don't wait until your computer is too old though because upgrade parts for older computers become harder to find and their price goes up. If your computer is 3 or 4 years old it's a good time to update some of the components and avoid the expense of buying a whole new computer.

Call Nerds 2 You at 780-970-7220 for options on how to do low cost upgrades that could add years to the life of your older computer.